Your Tent is an Investment

It may appear that grow tents are a dime a dozen, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Whether you just decided to start growing indoors, or you are adding a second or third tent; you are making an investment and should do your research.  Due to the array of choices, I decided to break down some general areas of consideration.

When people start looking at grow tents, one of the first thing you notice is the range in prices.  You may opt to go for a budget tent, which is not a bad choice for starting out.  BUT beware, most of these tents are made with very little quality and have light leak and threading issues.  In the long run, this may be considered a disposable tent.  At the same time, choosing the most expensive tent on the market doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best.  You want to look for a tent that has quality at a mid-range price.  Look at the stitching, is it single stitch or double.  How about the zippers, are they cheap metal that will fall off or are they durable as you will use the zippers often?

Budget tents usually have thin poles. While they may be easy to put together, they are often times flimsy and may not be able to support the weight of a light or storage on top.  Quality tents have thick metal poles with multiple holes and tab locks.  The corners should be made of metal with bumpers on the edges so not to tear the tent.

One of the most troubling problems you will encounter with a budget tent is the reflective material used on the inner part of the tent.  This material is often dull and will flake off over time.  Additionally, you will notice that cleaning your tent is actually destroying it more, once again making it a disposable tent.  The tent you are looking for will have a nice shiny reflective material.  Something you can test with the flash of your phone or a flashlight.

The crossbars in the tent should be made of a thick metal as they will be barring the weight of your light, possibly fans and anything you store on top of your tent.  One manufacturer is famous for having a person hang from the crossbars.  Fact is, many tents allow for this, but budget tents don’t.  Again this doesn’t mean that you need to spend as much as you would for a light, but look for strength.

Having said all that, I am happy to say that SeedsMA used these methods when evaluating a line of tents to carry.  What we found was Unit Farm produces an almost identical product to that of the top manufacturer.  The only difference being the price.  A 4×4 tent from that big brand is $350, where the same 4×4 tent from Unit Farm purchased through SeedsMA is only $283.99.

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